In Italy, more than 700,000 tons of citrus squeeze results are squandered each year. Furthermore, guess what, there's a brand who have improved, patented and now manufacture a fabric out of these waste products. Let’s talk about Orange fiber. 

Orange Fiber is the first patented material produced using citrus by-products. Their cellulose yarn can be utilized unadulterated to make 100% citrus, biodegradable fabric which feels delicate, velvety and lightweight. It can likewise be mixed with different materials and be obscure or sparkly as per the buyer's requirements. 

The fiber is made through a process the brand (Orange fiber) developed, as a team with Politecnico di Milano College. In their pilot plant in Sicily, the pastazzo (citrus squeeze result) is handled to extricate the citrus cellulose, which is then shipped off to an accomplice in Spain to be turned into yarn. The yarn at that point goes back to Italy, to their fabric maker in Como, where their restrictive fabrics are made to be utilized by the design brands around the world. This cycle can possibly change the 700,000 tons of pastazzo created every year by the Italian citrus handling industry into excellent fabric. 

With their Orange Fiber, they need to empower sustainable plan and creation esteems inside the design business. They are connecting with industry experts to fabricate sustainable inventory chains and embrace reused and sustainable raw materials.

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