The story of Apple leather began in 2004. Alberto Volcan, a designer from Italy, was searching for approaches to utilize extra apple squander from the natural product juice and compote industry in Northern Italy. 

His first creation was a natural paper, made utilizing 15% apple squander, that decreased the CO2 impact by 20%-25% contrasted with different papers. This was only the start however, and he saw potential for additional business items. 

One of the primary activities created was a vegetable paste, which in itself wasn't effective. Alberto didn't surrender however, and rather revised the paste to be put through a pasta machine. The sheet of texture turned into the premise of apple leather! Grown further and made monetarily suitable with the assistance of Frumat, this natural, breathable, waterproof and solid texture has been a distinct advantage in the business. 

How is Apple leather made? 

Apple leather is a bio-based material made utilizing the extra pomace and strip from the natural product juice and compote industry. 

Beginning from the area of Bolzano in northern Italy, the texture is made by first taking the recuperated apple waste and decreasing it to a powder. Once handled, it is shipped off a processing plant situated in Florence, where it is joined with polyurethane and covered onto a cotton and polyester canvas. The result is a strong however delicate texture that is ideal for hard wearing little adornments. 

What are the natural advantages? 

Perhaps the main part of utilizing the apple squander is that it is a totally inexhaustible asset. This decreases the CO2 impact altogether contrasted with faux leather produced using 100% petroleum derivatives.

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