We live in a universe of quick style and expendable attire and the vast majority imagine that this is a fiasco. The business is currently dealing with reusing and circular design. Also, with this they are attempting to change the conduct of 7 billion individuals. Yet, NEFFA’s consumerist world began hundreds of years prior. Exchange growing in the sixteenth century and the mechanical upset in the nineteenth century for instance have sped up this. The brand thinks that the quick style and dispensable apparel addresses an unfathomable chance. We have a whole age of individuals who presently hope to possess an article of clothing for a year, perhaps two, before disposing of it and purchasing something new. With the correct kind of materials they can be hand crafted to meet that life cycle. We need arrangements that react to the truth that we live in. Our answer is MycoTEX. 

NEFFA ("net effe anders" in Dutch, implies needing to do things with a tiny bit of spot in an unexpected way) produces MycoTEX, a material produced using mushroom mycelium. Mycelium, the spores of mushrooms, is an unimaginable material, since it just necessitates little water to develop, and can possibly be, for example, antibacterial. The fabric is 100% biodegradable and goes about as nutritious feed for different plants toward the finish of its life as a piece of clothing. The brand's more limited production network dispenses with the requirement for synthetic compounds and pesticides. MycoTEX disposes of the means of spinning yarns, weaving clothes, and sewing articles of clothing, subsequently taking out the expenses, time, and energy this takes. All things considered, the fabric is stuck into a mould and shaped. 

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