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Mysore painting is a type of old style south Indian canvas, which is associated with the Mysore city of Karnataka. Very much like Tanjore painting, Mysore artistic creations of India utilize more slender gold leaves and require substantially more difficult work. The most well known topics of these compositions incorporate divine beings and goddesses and scenes from hindu mythology. The effortlessness, magnificence and multifaceted nature of Indian Mysore artworks leave the spectators mesmerized. 

It is spread across a space of 128.42 km at the foundation of the Chamundi slopes in the southern locale of Karnataka. 

Bangalore, Narasipur, Tumkur, Shravanabelagola and Nanjangud are the focuses of Mysore compositions. In vogue division of the pictures, fragile lines and tangled brush strokes are a portion of the attributes of Mysore artworks. In the customary Mysore works of art, the specialists utilize vegetable and mineral colors made out of pigment of leaves and blossoms of different plants and minerals. The representations were made with the assistance of charcoal. The brushes were made of various materials like squirrel hair, camel hair, goat hair and so forth today the work of art is finished with industrially accessible media like poster and water colors. In the ancient times paper, wood, wall  and fabric shaped the foundation of artistic creations. Lately it is generally made on paper stuck onto a board with a glue. 

Process of making a Mysore painting- 

Initially the craftsman needs to make a fundamental sketch of the picture on the base, 


Then, the individual needs to make a gesso paste (it is utilized to give a somewhat raised impact of cutting to those pieces of the canvases that require embellishments and is permitted to dry.), 


At that point the gold foil is glued onto the surface, 


Rest of the canvas is set up with the assistance of the water colors, 


After the artwork completely dries, it is covered with a slender paper and rubbed lightly with a smooth delicate stone. 

Till date there are Indian art admirers from all around the world who are firmly pulled in towards the raw Mysore art. Its amazing attraction continues to have a lasting effect on them. The artistic expression is exceptional as were it's procedures. Dominating the artistic expression requests persistence and long stretches of hardwork and assurance. It is upon the coming age to keep the perishing work of art alive in its customary structure and proceed with its heritage.