It is composed of wood cellulose and is processed with synthetic substances, much like viscose or typical rayon. That said, lyocell is considered a semi-synthetic fabric, or as it is officially classified, a processed cellulosic fiber. However, because it is created from plant-based materials, it’s often lumped in with other natural fibers. It became more popular as time went on and it is now considered to be a sustainable option since we want to avoid fully synthetic fibers like polyester or non-vegan fibers like silk.

It is breathable and gentle on skin with a soft, silky texture. Lyocell material has a very smooth, soft surface that drapes beautifully. In terms of the way it feels it is soft, breathable, lightweight and comfortable. This fabric has greater moisture absorption than cotton and natural breathability. This makes Lyocell fabric a perfect choice for people with sweating issues, or for people with sensitive skin aggravated by moisture. Lyocell is said to be antibacterial because of its moisture management property.