Kala Cotton

The journey of kala cotton has its origins as sustainable and environmentally friendly cotton. It is also a hand-woven textile with a low carbon footprint, and also provides livelihoods to weavers and artisans. This resonates with our brand story, and therefore, holds a special place in our collections. The fabric’s inherent texture, colour and pattern have interesting elements that help us come with beautiful collections that are enjoyed by all customers. 

Kala Cotton, the fabric produced in Kutch by farmers is one of the most organic crop grown and fabric produced because the farmers do not use any chemical-based fertilizers and pesticides to cultivate it. It is a purely rain-fed crop that does not demand any wastage of water or natural resources we are provided. 

Despite the limited resources it demands, the fabric has top-notch quality. It is strong, durable, and stretchable - some of the key characteristics that the majority of us would want in our clothes.

It is not just the quality but also the sense of satisfaction that the dress you wear for work is not causing any harm to society.