CHANNAPATNA TOYS was set up in the year 1999, with an aim to spread the excellence of the Toys of Channapatna, rejuvenating the exemplary craftsmanship and an unassuming commitment towards keeping our custom alive and passing our way of life to the future. 

It is renowned for its wooden toys and Lacquerware. The city situated between Bengaluru and Mysuru, is world renowned as the "TOY CITY". 

Channapatna craft park is India's first art park and is situated at Channapatna in Karnataka, South India. Channapatna is an art group of more than 3000 customary craftsmans occupied with the creation of lacquerware. 

The foundation and offices of the recreation center are additionally accessible to draftsmen, fashioners and organizations for creating and assembling of wooden items and lacquerware. 

Spread over 14 acres of land, the recreation center has a complex regular office administration focus with best in class carpentry machines. The organizations as of now working inside the recreation center are: 'Bharat Arts and Crafts', 'Chomocrafts international', 'Industree Crafts Pvt. Ltd', 'Kushala kala', 'Maya Organic Ltd.', and many more. 

The lacquerware industry started as a family make that took into account the local tourist market of Karnataka. Numerous craftsmans sold their products on the side of the road at Channapatna and productivity was low. Over the most recent 20 years, the business has developed quickly. It presently exists as small and medium scale ventures, serving export markets as well. Bavas miayan, a local craftsman, is known as the originator of the craft in Channapatna and nearby regions. 

Raw materials utilized for this art are Hale wood, Talegiri leaves and Lac. The items after they are fabricated are packed for local and export markets by the assembling arrangement itself. The exported merchandise is typically sold in the name of the buyer. 

Channapatna can possibly arise as an immense supporter of the public economy however unfortunately the carelessness of the government is executing this town. The policies made in the centre never arrived at the person who was to be profited through this. All the artisans look for is appreciation, appreciation for his ability, for his persistent effort and we can't offer it to them. We need to comprehend that what they do is extraordinary and advance the claim to fame at every possible opportunity. People around the globe like this craftsmanship yet we Indians have neglected to advance it inside our territory.