About Us

Jamsha Store from JM Internationals activates the inborn craftsmanship of the craftsmen and trusts in the devout design through characteristic textures. Our superb group of craftsmen, fashioners, understudies and individuals center on clean structures, quality and fair procedures. The textiles utilized are of most extreme noteworthiness with natural properties. Maintainability is integral to our way of thinking. Our garments are high quality, hand-woven utilizing customary techniques by craftsmen, and shaded in mitigating natural tones. We immovably have confidence in the flexibility of material variations and Indian handcrafted textiles, and attempt to do our part in advancing reasonable exchange by working intimately with craftsmen & the nation over to protect the rich legacy and art supply of India. Craftsmen are the foundations of our system; their monstrous range of abilities is important as none of our items would be conceivable without their commitment.