The TreeToTextile innovation is a new innovative chemical process– utilizing sustainable forest raw material and recovering the cellulose into a material fiber by turning the dissolving pulp. 

The cycle utilizes less synthetic compounds, taking into account a more sustainable and cost-proficient interaction contrasted with customary innovations and strands. There are no sulphur outflows during the creation and the water and the chemicals utilized are reused a lot. 

The advancement is as yet being developed, presently we are prepared to increase the creation, determined to carry the fiber to the market. 

Joined by this game-changing inquiry and the exertion of attempting to discover an answer – H&M Group, Inter IKEA group, Stora Enso, and LSCS Invest collaborated and made TreeToTextile. The motivation behind the organization is to create and industrialize another inventive man-made cellulosic fiber innovation that will furnish material strands with great manageability execution at an alluring expense level. 

TreeToTextile is based on a typical vision: Better materials in amiability with nature, to all. By consolidating the innovative soul of Lars Stigsson, the cellulose expertise of Stora Enso and the client and material information on H&M Group and Inter IKEA bunch, TreeToTextile has made the likelihood to put another supportable material fiber available. 

We accept that the blend of skill and the worldwide size of our proprietors offers us an interesting chance to have an effect on the material business. To help the planet and everybody living on it. Our point is above all else to respect our own visionary assertion, yet additionally to motivate and catalyze new game-changing developments and joint efforts.

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